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​In September of 1921 the first New Jersey State Police class graduated. For the first time in New Jersey History, there was a state law enforcement agency. There was no precedent for what these troopers were about to embark on. Among those riding out on horseback and motorcycle that fall day was a young man named William H. Marshall, badge #63. Marshall, was a veteran of the first World War and would become the organizations first line of duty death in December of 1923.

Unfortunately, little documentation was discovered in the New Jersey State Police Museum file on Marshal. Sadly, one of the only documents they had on file was a letter of complaint which was made about Marshall's behavior.
William Marshall was twenty-four years old at the time of his death. Today, his remains rest at this location where his name is barely visible on his tombstone.
Trooper Robert Coyle #238
In 1924, one year and one week after Marshall died, Robert E. Coyle was shot and killed while he was escorting a currency delivery.  
Site of killing. Then and Now