John E. O'Rourke

  Author, Criminal Investigative Expert
While working as a trooper in the New Jersey State Police, O’Rourke had an idea about paying tribute to those “Jersey Troopers” who died in the line of duty. So, O’Rourke set out on a six year journey to document the events which took these troopers lives. In May of 2010, the History Press Publishing Company, Charleston, S.C. published O’Rourke’s first book, "Jersey Troopers: Sacrifice at the Altar of Public Service." The book sold out within a two months and had to go into its second printing. In February of 2012 O’Rourke’s second book, "New Jersey State Troopers: Remembering the Fallen" was published and proved equally successful. 

Never planning to be a true crime author, O’Rourke found himself doing just that when he was asked to research and write about serial killer Richard Biegenwald. “The Jersey Shore Thrill Killer: Richard Biegenwald” is O’Rourke’s third book in the true crime genre.  
Presently, O’Rourke is working on two upcoming books. He is in the process of conducting research for a book about the kidnapping and killing of Sidney Reso who was an Exxon International President. Moreover, O’Rourke is writing his first fiction book about an ex-cop working as a PI in the City of Hoboken.  

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John E. O'Rourke 
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